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3D Avatar body is a mobile app to capture the body in 3D with a smartphone. Technology developed by the Instituto de Biomecánica and powered by AI and data driven 3D models.

With just two images
3D Avatar body allows to capture the body shape of the body in 3D from two images with any smartphone.

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The app sends the images to the cloud where all the processing takes place, returning, in a few seconds, a precise 3D model and a set of body measurements.

Easy to use
3D Avatar body has been designed to be used easily from anywhere.


with your business. It provides up to 100 measurements and a high-resolution mesh ready to interface any CAD or simulation application.


for different
applications such as virtual try-on, made-to-measure, size allocation or body tracking.


Guaranteed data
protection based on the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union 2016/679.


for several industries such as Apparel, Healthcare, Sports, Wellness or Entertainment.

Download now a free demo!

Limited to 50 scans.

It provides 9 body measurements per reconstruction.

Do you want a large-scale trial?

Try the app with an unlimited number of scans!

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